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Welcome {BACK} to Kaitlyn Acker, returning to us as a Parenting Educator this Summer

In recent weeks, our team has grown with the addition of two new employees - Meagan Cawlfield and Yssis Hotchkins. They are adjusting to their new roles very well and we are already making some encouraging progress in our programs and fundraising goals!

As if that weren't reason enough to celebrate - we have more happy news to share!! We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Kaitlyn Acker is REJOINING our team as a Parenting Educator.

As you may know, Kaitlyn is no stranger to Family Guidance and Outreach. She previously worked with us as an intern before being promoted to a facilitator at our Parenting Guidance Center. During her time with us, Kaitlyn played a key role in leading our parenting facilitator team in trainings and upkeep of the online classroom. Now, she is stepping into a new role, this time as a Parenting Educator!

Kaitlyn's passion for wellness extends far beyond her work with Family Guidance and Outreach. As a personal trainer and physical instructor at Texas Tech University and F45, she leads group fitness classes and provides wellness mentorship to personal training clients. She is a staunch advocate for physical and mental well-being and understands the importance of promoting healthy habits within families.

This month, Kaitlyn will be graduating with her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Texas Tech University. Her education and background in psychology provide her with the knowledge and expertise necessary to make a real difference in the lives of families in our community. We are excited that she will be able to start teaching for us immediately after her graduation.

As we welcome Kaitlyn back to the Family Guidance and Outreach family, we are confident that her passion, experience, and dedication to our mission will continue to help make a lasting impact on the families we serve in Lubbock.

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Kaitlyn Acker as she begins her new role as a Parenting Educator with Family Guidance and Outreach. Yay Kait!!!

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