Free Elementary Programs We Offer:

Big Change/Little Change
In this program, we help students identify the different changes happening in their lives and how these transitions could cause big emotions!  This program is appropriate for PreK through 4th Grade. (virtual)

Together, Apart
Dealing with social distancing can be challenging when you're a child.  In this program, we discuss ways to engage with our friends and family during times of quarantine and social distancing.  This program is appropriate for PreK through 4th grade. (virtual)

DinoMight Tykes
This is a 4-part lesson aimed at discussing our emotions and who to best engage them! It's okay to have BIG feelings, but sometimes we need a little help in learning out to manage how we react to them.  This program is appropriate for PreK through 4th grade. (This program can be done in-person or through our virtual format).

The Value of Friendship

This lesson discusses how friendships add value to our lives and how we can best nurture them.  This program is appropriate for PreK through 4th grade. (virtual)

Storytime with Mrs. Wuensche (updated weekly)

Join Mrs. Wuensche as she brings us her most favorite books!  Mrs. W is a former kindergarten teacher with may years of experience in the classroom.  She is warm and engaging.  Stories are added weekly! This program is appropriate for anyone! (virtual(

​Your Shoes, My Shoes (Understanding Empathy)

Empathy can be a difficult subject to understand for young people.  In this lesson, Mrs. Vann and Mrs. Wuensche tackle the definition of "empathy" and how to respect and honor others' feelings.  This program is geared toward students PreK through 4th grade. (virtual)

Grief and Loss

This program is tailored toward PreK through 4th grade. Mrs. Vann and Mrs. Wuensche talk to students about sadness and what it means to experience "grief" do to the permanent loss of something or someone. (virtual)

Mighty Manners
This program is aimed at teaching students PreK through 4th grade about manners and how important they are in our daily activities.  Mrs. Vann and Mrs. Wuensche share examples of manners and how to best apply them in different situations. (virtual)

Head to Toe Wellness

This program is best suited for students in PreK through 4th grade.  Students will learn about the importance of movement and physical activity.  Mrs. Vann and Mrs. Wuensche will also explain the importance of healthy foods, water, hygiene and good sleep. (virtual)

Into the Cloud
This program is an online safety education program produced by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  It provides age-appropriate videos and activities for students 2nd through 5th grade, encouraging them them be safer online.  The goal of the program is to help children become more aware of potential online risks and empower them to help prevent victimization by making safer choices on and offline. (virtual)